Our Products & Services

We specialise in state of the art residential & commercial systems using Tier 1 Clean Energy Council of Australia approved equipment and licensed installers.

Our products come with a 5 year whole of system warranty and our products come with a 5 to 25 year manufacturer’s warranty depending on each product.

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Solar Panels

We only use Tier 1 Clean Energy Council approved panels and inverters.

We offer for residential homes; from small 3.5 kW to medium 6.6kW to large 10kW systems.

We offer for commercial premises; from 10kW to 30kW to 50kW 100kW systems.

All with the latest wifi connectivity available


Battery storage

We only offer systems that are on the Battery Assurance Program which are approved by the Clean Energy Council.

We offer systems that are capable of holding between 1kW to 15kW of electricity storage.

We also offer retrofitting battery systems into existing solar installations.

tailored to your power needs


government rebates & STC’s

We will always assist our customers in claiming any government rebates and Small-scale Technology Certificates.

We in Victoria currently have $2,225 State Government rebate for any solar installations before 30th June 2019.

We will claim your STC’s on your behalf and reduce it from the cost of our system.

simple and hassle-free to claim all your rebates